To people passionate about improving patient outcomes, AACT provides education and raises awareness for regenerative medicine.


To make regenerative medicine the standard.


AACT is a global alliance of scientists, researchers, physicians, administrators, device manufacturers, and patients, dedicated to the ethical, efficacious, and expeditious advancement of cell therapies. The collaboration between diverse members is directed at establishing best practice guidelines and clinical translation of biologics within informed regulatory oversight.

AACT, a nonprofit organization, will strive to serve as an objective advocate for the safe deployment of cell therapies to treat a variety of diseases. AACT will support the training of cell therapy providers, increase public awareness and facilitate increased patient access to these cell therapies.

Value Propositions

Adult Cell Therapy Treatments: We have an exclusive focus on research utilizing autologous and allogeneic adult stem cells.

Collaborative: We actively partner with thought leaders, professional medical associations and healthcare advocates providing evidence-based advances in the field of medicine with the objective of seeking the standard in cell therapy medicine.

Connected: We have access to clinical, academic, regulatory, ethical, research and commercialization leaders in the regenerative medicine field, and we provide venues with opportunities for open communication and standardization.

Objective: We support data-driven, evidence-based science that is compliant with regulatory bodies in their countries of usage.

Thought Leadership: Our leadership is a diverse array of global medical experts, regulators, attorneys, patients and includes the affiliate industries that participate in this field of medicine.

Legal Disclaimer about Medical Information

Through this site and links to other sites, AACT provides general information for educational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to any individual. The information provided in this site, or through links to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care. You should not use the information in place of the advice of your healthcare provider. AACT is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. AACT recommends that you contact your physician to discuss cellular therapies.


AACT Mission

Mission of Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies

The mission of ACCT is threefold: Education, Research, and Advocacy. As the name also implies, we are an organization seeking to form alliances with other major Societies and organizations interested in advancing regenerative medicine.

Education is the primary goal of this Society. This was evidenced by the first activity conducted by the Society shortly after it was formed, the production of an excellent scientific conference featuring both basic and clinical scientists from around the world, who presented cutting edge information on a wide variety of conditions and diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disease (including multiple sclerosis), neurodegenerative diseases, as well as orthopedic applications of cellular therapy. The conference included new innovations in cell delivery as well as new sources of stem cells. In addition, the conference included important discussions on the regulatory environment and several compelling presentations of patients who have had very gratifying, life-altering benefit from cell therapy.

The second focus of this Society is research, but before research can be supported, safety is the first priority. The Society seeks to help establish standards that can be certified by regulatory and peer groups to maximize the standards that need to be in place for the harvest, preparation, storage, and delivery of all sources and types of cell therapy for human application. This is needed to assure any potential patient that they will be treated in clinics that meet the highest standards. This will be done in conjunction with other Societies and regulatory agencies, including the FDA.

The research agenda for AACT includes support for pilot clinical trials, as well as the development of a much-needed Registry, to collate the large collective experience in cell therapy for various conditions, using uniform metrics and times of follow up. This important initiative is complimentary to FDA-approved clinical trials, and will blend what is often referred to as a “real world” experience, providing data of both benefit and adverse effects, with that of standard FDA clinical trials. This goal can only be achieved by having cell therapy continue in the U.S. at those centers meeting specific criteria, to maximize complete follow up and provide the data to demonstrate both the safely and adverse events of a given cell source, type, or delivery route.

Advocacy is the third mission of AACT and has multiple goals. The Society seeks to help establish alliances with important groups, such as the Bipartisan Policy Center, to work with US and state legislatures to develop legislation designed to expedite the pathways to approval for cell therapy, as well as collaborating with other Societies in the field seeking similar goals. The advocacy effort must include patients and patient support groups to show the public, legislators, and regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, the potential of cell therapy. We also support advocacy for the growing number of companies now helping to advance cell therapy by parallel or exceeding the policies now in place in countries like Japan, India, and other broader areas such as Europe, to help develop new pathways to reflect a sense of urgency to change the current regulatory pathways for approval of drugs.

We welcome any individual, group, organization, clinic, or patient who share these goals to join this Society. Details for obtaining membership and/or donating to this Society are available on our website.