Kathy Hebert

Kathy Hebert has extensive operational and development experience in the healthcare field of regenerative medicine. As CEO of Regenerative Connections, Kathy provides strategic development skills paired with strong interpersonal skills for relationship management, retention, and revenue growth. Her international marketing skills and technological understanding contributes to her abilities to implement collaborative projects as well as explore potential business opportunities. Her execution of high-quality regenerative medicine conferences comprised of major thought-leaders in the industry provides opportunities to advance the industry.

Additionally, Kathy has extensive experience in non-profit development and compliance, regenerative medicine regulatory information, international marketing, social media, and fast-tracking various businesses towards increased revenue and exploration of potential business opportunities.

As the President and Co-Founder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, AACT, Kathy developed and implemented the brand creation and organizational structure. She developed both a scientific and a patient advocacy platform for the advancement of regenerative medicine. She works to build strategic alliances and to implement collaborative projects for the mission of advancing regenerative medicine and increasing access to cellular therapies.

Kathy’s personal experience with life-changing cellular therapies ignited her passion to be involved with an innovative new area of medicine bringing together the industry leaders in regulatory, science, and medicine to yield the best possible patient outcomes. Kathy is an accomplished, professional musician; therefore, she enjoys accompanying vocalists, operas, and instrumentalists in her leisure time.