Membership in AACT offers many benefits:

  • Discounted rates for workshops and conferences
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Unique collaborations with industry professionals
  • Opportunities to Co-Sponsor Meetings
  • Regenerative Medicine Forum
  • Network with esteemed thought-leaders
  • Public education opportunities
  • Opportunities to express your opinions to regulatory organizations such as the FDA and EMA
  • Direct, exclusive news briefs
  • AACT Membership Portal for exclusive information relating to cellular therapies

Membership Fees and Donations are Tax Deductible.

Professional Membership $100
Tax deductible, professional membership is ideal for individual clinicians, researchers, consultants or other professionals in regenerative medicine interested in networking with peers and professional development.

Organizational Membership $1000
Tax deductible, organizational memberships allow non-profit healthcare providers, educational institutions, government agencies, medical device companies, and others to join AACT as an organization.  All employees listed under an organizational membership receive full individual membership benefits.

Citizen/Patient Membership $50
The tax deductible, patient membership is ideal for patients, caregivers, family members or citizens interested in advancing access to cellular therapy.

Please consider a donation to help AACT reach the goal of bringing stem cell therapy into clinical practice sooner rather than later. After you click the JOIN NOW button and complete the form, you can make a donation here:

Medical Student Membership $25
Medical Students may join AACT for a reduced rate with proof of school enrollment status.